Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ohana Means Family


hmmm, again im here because of something that impressed me..
what do you expected? 
act , i aint easily impressed u know.. 

but some how this video is totally attract me n amazingly its is interesting.. 
ya i bet u guys want to know rite.. 
yeah2.. be patient guys.. 
that video aint go anywhere.. hahaha

should i tell a story bout it or just u watch it???

ahh... from my opinion.. theres alot of values n ethics in it.. hehe
it talks bout family, how we adore others who are does not even have blood relation with each other. 
yet they took care each other. 
ohhh. so sweet of them.. hahha
i once got siblings like them, 
yeah with no blood relation n so on, 
seeing this video make me suddenly remember back the moment.. 
haha.. i totally miss that moment..

if u watch it , just think , u with ur frends does not even have blood relation n not even a relatives.. 
yet they took care of u , always remind u the good n the bad, 
always be by ur side when u r lonely n many else.. 
but why they do it for u?  

oh my the sweetness of the ukhuwah... always make me cried.. 

after all , rite now im in that society.. 
yeah, eventhough it bigger than before, i hope i can applied this to that society.. 
be like a family.. 
eventhough it sound like u will face a tsunami 
(Ya Allah, hope i will not face the real tsunami) ,
 if u put some effort, even a little, it may move the society.. 
hahaha.. maybe someday it will happen... ameen~~

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